Daniel is currently working on the element series.

The elements series is based on found or made objects that include fabric, metal, stone, pasta, clay, carpet, rope and plastic. The objects grew into a library of shapes used as reference for paintings, and in some cases by assemblance became sculptures by themselves. These objects formed part of a study regarding natural shapes and the impermanence of matter - a way to find coherence between objects that are unrelated but can act in a similar way. Deformation of the objects let's them fall into a new shape, modified by combination, or by applied force such as burning, submerging in water, twisting and crushing. This applied force makes the objects leave their original context and take on characteristics of other materials because of the underlying structure, ”Cloth becomes skin, stone becomes bone”, a recurrence of patterns in nature on a large and small scale.


2017 - Palazzo Monti, Brescia, Italy
2017 - Kunsthuis, Amsterdam
2017 - Gallery LL, Leiden
2017 - Artroute, Leiden
2016 - AAF, Amsterdam
2016 - Leidse lente, Leiden
2016 - Artroute, Leiden
2016 - Schaik & van Schaik, Zeist
2015 - 5&33 Gallery, Amsterdam
2015 - AAF ,Amsterdam
2015 - Gallerie Sille, Oudewater
2015 - Artroute, Leiden
2015 - Firma van drie, Gouda
2015 - Sis Josip, Den Haag
2015 - No Mans Art gallery, Rotterdam
2015 - De Slang, Amsterdam
2015 - Leidse Lente, Leiden
2014 - SOLO, Kunsthuis, Leiden
2014 - AAF, Amsterdam
2014 - AAF, Maastricht
2014 - Scheltema, Leiden
2013 - Air 9, Amsterdam.
2013 - AAF, Amsterdam
2013 - Museum Naturalis, Leiden
2013 - Artroute, Leiden
2013 - Museum Sieboldhuis, Leiden

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